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Some Australians doubt the U.S. bedrock of regional security remains as solid under Trump, who questions global alliances. A terse conversation between President Trump and Prime Minister Turnbull suggested the relationship had changed; the American berated a deal his predecessor had made to resettle mainly Muslim refugees who had been rejected by Australia. The voices of some students, businesspeople and the retired in Australia epitomize the uncertainty among U.S. allies in the Asia-Pacific region of what comes next: advertisement | advertise on newsday PETE RYAN, 70, is a terminally ill Vietnam War veteran who lives in the Australian capital, Canberra. His son-in-law volunteered to work on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and brought him back a red Trump cap, although as a veterans' advocate Ryan has long kept his political views to himself. Ryan has always had faith in the Australia-U.S. defense treaty that has formed the backbone of Australian security policy since it was signed in 1951. But Ryan now questions the U.S. commitment to that alliance and the Asia-Pacific region threatened by the territorial claims of China. "The current era is changed altogether with the election of President Trump and in the future under President Trump, we don't know nobody knows it's a completely new ball game and we're now in a position from Australia's point of view of: wait and see," Ryan said.