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The analysis revealed that some, but not all, Neanderthals were meat lovers. The Neanderthal at Spy Cave dined heavily on meat, including the woolly rhinoceros and wild sheep an unsurprising discovery, given that the bones of woolly rhinoceroses, reindeer, mammoths and horses were found within Spy Cave, and wild sheep lived throughout Europe during that time period, the researchers said. This Neanderthal also ate edible gray shag mushrooms, the analysis showed. In contrast, the Neanderthals from the cave in El Sidron were largely vegetarian. Their dental calculus (hardened plaque) indicated that they ate edible mushrooms, pine nuts, moss and poplar, likely foraged from the surrounding forest, the researchers said. Moreover, the calculus also showed evidence of fungal pathogens, suggesting that the El Sidron Neanderthals might have munched on mold, the researchers said. The findings show "quite different lifestyles" between the El Sidron and Spy Cave groups, study senior researcher Alan Cooper, director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at The University of Adelaide in Australia, said in a statement. The Tunnel of Bones cave at El Sidron in Spain, where researchers have found the remains of 12 Neanderthal individuals dating to about 49,000 years ago. Antonio Rosas; Paleoanthropology Group MNCN-CSIC More Self-medication One of the Neanderthals at El Sidron wasn't in good health: The hominin had a dental abscess (a painful tooth infection) and a diarrhea-causing intestinal parasite. However, the individual was self-medicating, the dental plaque analysis indicated.