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Bill Shorten Mark McGowan Stephen Koukoulas Labor has long been reluctant to argue on economic management. But if it doesnt make a full-throated case, that poll lead could easily be whittled away Bill Shorten campaigning in Perth with Mark McGowan, now the premier of Western Australia. The state election result in Western Australia highlighted the importance of the economy to the electorate. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP Wednesday 15 March 2017 15.00EDT Last modified on Wednesday 15 March 2017 17.26EDT The dust is settling from the Western Australian election and there are some implications for the way the federal Labor party should conduct itself from now until the next election if it is to enhance its chances of winning. For the Liberal party, the lessons are clear. It might sound trite to mention it but its electoral success will depend almost exclusively on its ability to deliver materially better economic conditions between now and election day. It needs to take the initiative on the economy, economic policy, the budget deficit and government debt and highlight how poor the Coalition has been in most aspects of economic managements since the 2013 election. In those three-and-a-half years of the Coalition being in charge of the economy and budget, growth has been sluggish despite favourable conditions in Australias major trading partners. The Australian economy should be stronger because of the welcome news of the Australian dollar falling sharply in recent years, which has provided a boost to domestic economic conditions. Whats more, interest rates have been cut to record lows, yet the economy has been struggling to register annual GDP growth near 2.5%, the unemployment rate is the same as when the Coalition won the 2013 election, wages growth has plummeted to a record low, and the government debt has grown significantly faster than during the previous Labor government, which of course included the fiscal stimulus measures that kept Australia out of recession.

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